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JabbaPhoto Photography, led by the talented and visionary photographer Artur Kula, is a beacon of creativity and artistry in the world of photography. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Artur captures moments that transcend the ordinary, turning them into timeless works of art. Through his lens, everyday scenes are transformed into captivating narratives, filled with emotion and depth. Whether it's a portrait session, a wedding ceremony, or a landscape exploration, JabbaPhoto Photography consistently delivers images that speak volumes, each frame telling a unique story. Artur Kula's approach to photography is both meticulous and intuitive, blending technical expertise with artistic vision. His mastery of light, composition, and color results in photographs that are not only visually stunning but also deeply evocative. Beyond just capturing images, JabbaPhoto Photography strives to evoke emotions, provoke thought, and inspire the viewer. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a dedication to pushing creative boundaries, Artur Kula continues to redefine the art of photography, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the privilege of experiencing his work.

Model Photography

In this photo we see two beautiful models standing next to JabbaPhoto Photography's company car. One of the models, with Gracja standing back, gracefully takes off her blouse, preparing for a photo session. Her friend stands nearby, wearing a hoodie, ready to start work. The photo background, which is JabbaPhoto Photography's elegant company car, adds a professional touch to the entire scene. Models exude confidence and determination, preparing for their photo shoot with commitment and enthusiasm. This shot exudes energy and professionalism, taking the viewer into the world of photography and fashion. It is a moment that highlights the importance of preparation and commitment to creating unique images that will convey inspiring stories and the beauty of human nature.

Artur Kula - Jabba or sorts Art K. , the creative force behind JabbaPhoto, is renowned for his expertise in capturing the essence and beauty of models through his lens. With a keen eye for detail and an innate ability to bring out the best in his subjects, Artur's photography transcends mere imagery, offering a glimpse into the soul and personality of each model he works with. At JabbaPhoto, Artur's approach to model photography goes beyond traditional techniques, aiming to create images that not only showcase the physical attributes of his subjects but also convey their unique stories and emotions. Each session is meticulously planned to ensure that every aspect, from lighting and composition to styling and location, aligns perfectly to create stunning visual narratives. Artur's portfolio at JabbaPhoto is a testament to his versatility and creativity, featuring a diverse range of models from different backgrounds and cultures. Whether it's a high-fashion editorial shoot, a portrait session highlighting natural beauty, or a conceptual project pushing creative boundaries, Artur's ability to connect with his models and bring their visions to life is unparalleled. With a reputation for excellence and a passion for pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, Artur Kula and JabbaPhoto continue to redefine the art of model photography, inspiring both clients and fellow photographers alike with their unparalleled creativity and vision. When working with models, mutual cooperation and trust between the photographer and the model play a key role. This harmonious relationship often translates into beautiful and refined artistic work. The photographer and the model must be open to cooperation, communication and mutual understanding, which leads to the creation of an atmosphere full of creativity and inspiration. Collaborating with a model is a process that requires empathy, patience and respect. The photographer must be able to listen and understand the model's vision, while bringing his experience and creativity to achieve the common goal of creating unique and unforgettable images. As a professional photographer, I am always open to cooperation with models who share my passion and commitment to the art of photography. Their presence and contribution are not only welcome, but also necessary to create a unique artistic work. I invite all models who want to follow their dreams and discover the beauty of the art of photography with me to cooperate.  

Wedding and Reception Photography

For Photographer Artur Kula from JabbaPhoto, capturing the magic of weddings is more than just taking photos—it’s about telling a love story. With an artist’s eye and a passion for storytelling, Artur specializes in wedding photography that goes beyond the ordinary, creating timeless memories that couples will cherish for a lifetime.

From the intimate moments of getting ready to the joyous celebrations of the reception, Artur has a knack for capturing the essence of love in every shot. His unique blend of creativity and professionalism ensures that every detail is beautifully documented, from the tender glances between the bride and groom to the heartfelt speeches and dances with loved ones.

With JabbaPhoto, couples can trust that their special day will be captured with the utmost care and attention to detail. Whether it’s a grand ceremony in a lavish venue or an intimate gathering in a backyard garden, Artur’s expertise and passion shine through in every photograph, preserving the magic of the moment for generations to come.

Landscape photography

Artur Kula, also known as Jabba, is an outstanding landscape photographer with a passion for capturing the beauty of nature in each of his photographs. His works are distinguished not only by their excellent technique and composition, but also by their sensitivity to details and moments that make landscapes become unforgettable works of art. Jabba specialises in landscape photography, where he uses light, shapes and colours to transport the viewer to magical places and moments. His works exude harmony and peace, attracting the viewer’s attention and encouraging contemplation and discovery of the beauty of the surrounding world. JabbaPhoto offers a professional approach to landscape photography that combines passion, talent and experience to create unique works of art that will delight the eye and inspire the viewer for many years. Thanks to his sense of composition, aesthetic sense and technical skills, photographer Artur Kula is able to capture the extraordinary beauty of nature in a way that goes beyond the limits of an ordinary image.

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Artur Kula, known as Jabba, is a talented photojournalist who has been providing high-quality photos from various events and places around the world for years. His works are recognisable thanks to their unique view of the world and the ability to capture the most significant moments. Jabba is not only a talented photographer, but also a professional narrator who can tell a story through images. His works are characterised by deep empathy and the ability to capture the emotions and mood of the environment. Thanks to a wide range of interests and a versatile approach to photography, Artur Kula can perfectly cope with both large mass events and intimate family events. His photos not only document events, but also reflect their essence and atmosphere. JabbaPhoto is not only a brand, it is also a guarantee of professionalism, passion and commitment to every work. Thanks to his reliable approach and talent for photography, Artur Kula continues his inspiring journey through the world of photographic art.

Art and Travel

“We transform ordinary moments into unforgettable works of art! Meet Artur Kula, known as Jabba from JabbaPhoto – a master of artistic photography. His work is a combination of inspiration from the surroundings and cultural heritage, which he discovers while travelling with a camera. Jabba not only takes photos, but also interprets the world in an extraordinary way. His paintings exude a deep understanding and respect for nature, architecture and people. Each session with him is a journey into the world of imagination, where reality mixes with fantasy, creating unique compositions. Whether it’s a romantic landscape, a mysterious street or a portrait with character – JabbaPhoto photography takes us to the magical world of emotions and beauty. Get to know his work and hum along to your own life stories! “Discover the world through the eyes of the artist – Artur Kula, known as Jabba, from JabbaPhoto. His work is not only about photography, it is a journey deep into the soul of the environment and the heritage that surrounds it. Inspired by places whose history is intertwined with the present, Jabba goes to journeys with the camera as a tool to capture the moments and emotions that define life. His paintings not only capture the beauty of landscapes, but also take the viewer on a journey through time and space. Explore the world through his lens – JabbaPhoto.”

While traveling, the photographer has a unique opportunity to meet people, taste traditional dishes and discover beautiful and fascinating places that become an inspiration to immortalize them in photos. For him, each trip is not only an opportunity to gain new experiences, but also the opportunity to explore various cultures and landscapes that influence his work. During these trips, the photographer establishes numerous contacts with people, listens to their stories and learns from them about local culture and traditions. Tasting traditional dishes becomes not only a pleasure for the palate, but also a way to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere and learn the secrets of the cuisine of a given region. Discovering beautiful and interesting places is a kind of treasure hunt for a photographer, which he wants to immortalize in his photos. From picturesque landscapes, through charming streets, to impressive architectural monuments – each place hides a unique charm and history that the photographer tries to convey through his images. Traveling becomes not only a passion for a photographer, but also a way of personal and artistic development. Thanks to travel, the photographer has the opportunity to discover new perspectives, develop his skills and share with the world the beauty and inspiration he finds in different parts of the globe.
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